Priest: Fr. Wayne Dohey

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      Mass on Wednesday, January 20, at 9:30 a.m. will be cancelled because of a funeral taking place at St. Peter's Parish at 10:30 a.m. Daily Mass schedule will resume regular times on Thursday. Thank you for your understanding and cooperation.



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    Mass Registration

    Happy New Year, Everyone!

    Have you called this week to register to attend Mass on Saturday or Sunday? We have started a brand new year, and so we are also starting a brand new registration list.

    Please call 699-5701 to register to attend weekend Mass.

    As you know, we are asked to sign up to attend Mass. Please call us if you have signed up but are unable to attend. We maintain a waiting list and will notify those next in line.

    Weekend Mass registration takes place from Tuesdays to Fridays, 9:00 a.m. -- 3:00 p.m., each week.


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    Ministry Involvement Message From Father Wayne Dohey


    Financial Offerings / Contributions

    View Letter from Father Wayne Dohey

    You can still contribute to your parish during this time in one of the following ways:
    1. Donate online using Donorbox, a safe secure donation application.
    2. Drop it in the mailbox in the main door of the Church. At Mary Queen of the World Parish, there is a new mail slot in the main door of the Church building. If you wish to drop off your envelopes, or if you wish to drop off any type of contribution, please place it in the mail slot now located on the main door of the Church building.

    4. By credit card by calling 364-8606
      Note: Offerings designated for Mary Queen of the World Parish can be called in to St. Peter's, and St. Peter's will forward the offering to Mary Queen of the World.

    5. By mail to:

      St. Peter's Parish
      110 Ashford Drive
      Mount Pearl NL A1N 3L6
      Mary Queen of the World
      P.O. Box 370
      Mount Pearl NL A1N 2C4


    Virtual Funeral Liturgies

    In the event of the death of a loved one, we remind families that we can provide the funeral liturgy service on our Parish website. This means that you can stay at home and watch the service -- live from our church. If we wait for the funeral liturgy to take place after COVID-19, it may be impossible to do all the services individually. If you require further information about virtual funeral liturgies, please call the Parish Offices.

    Mary Queen of the World -- 368-5371
    St. Peter's Parish -- 364-8606